Passion for Fashion - Biz Style - Mary Ann Cadorna - bolder not older



My passion for fashion began in early childhood with pencil to paper always drawing and especially fashion designs. 

In my tweens, my want to be a Fashion Designer augmented to Fashion Model.  Although my parents vehemently refused my heart's desire to be a fashion model. A clothing closet door opened for me. As I became a happy recipient of Couture Designer Fashions. My benefactor was the kindness of a Nob HIll resident of 1055 Huntington that my father befriended while working for Nob HIll Properties. 

In addition, he brought me home the fashion magazines of the day Harper's Bazaar, and Vogue. I loved those 1960's fashion magazines, and followed the trends of Pop Culture and Couture. 

I would become proficient and sewing. In using my seamstress skills since I began age of 5, I would modify clothes into my very own fashion statements with accessories to match.  my own outfits and even my own wedding dress enhanced with French lace. 

My early indoctrination into fashion and Couture clothing allowed me to develop an eye for design and style. Textile is the fashion medium in which I express one of my artistic creativities. 

Ready-To-Wear fashion makes being a stylist  easy, and when you add passion to fashion be it created or off the rack your always in style!  Thank you! 

#PassionForFashion-Mary Ann Cadorna