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The quality and ability to put an outfit together is Style. In business to Dress for Success is extremely important, and your biz style is a visual identifier of what you represent. Also, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. So what message does your style say about you and your visual message? Is it about business professionalism and do you want to be taken seriously or do you want to be taken out on a date? Intent with what you wear and how you wear it will be telling. Especially if you are in a male dominant environment, your intelligence should take precedence over your cleavage. Women are naturally sexy, but you don't have to sell the sex, and to me you are magnified if you're dressed dignified. And no, I am not professing to dress frumpy, but nothing speaks louder than being in a sharp business suit or a well put together outfit that says I am here ready for business. However, In the past decades I have seen a dressing down of  America. That being the case, if everyone is dressed casual, you will have an advantage if you stand out by looking fashion smart from the start. So let's begin with a basic color foundation, which can be a dress, blouse, skirt, pants or a two piece suit . Whichever becomes the dominant piece, it will be driven by the color or the pattern. This will set the mood for building the infrastructure of your outfit. Now it's time to pick out the pieces that will harmonize or enhance the color palette. Colors set the mood, while patterns create the visual display that attracts the eye. If it looks great on you will know it and you will feel great! So that’s what a well put together outfit does. It makes you happy, confident, empowered to go out there and do business. Remember there is nothing sexier than a successful and empowered business woman may Biz.Style help you be on your way! 

By Mary Ann Cadorna - San Fran Mary Ann - BIZ.STYLE   © May 1, 2018 - All Rights Reserved

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Now for the finishing touch, you've got to pick out accessories that will take your outfit and make it pop. Jewelry is an important element that adds to the total presentation. Make sure you pick a color that is part of the overall theme. It can be multi colored or a single color, and make sure if you have gold or silver accents on your clothing, then match the jewelry accordingly. When you wear a multi-colored pattern it gives you more choices. Get creative and allow yourself to be an artist. Then it's the shoes, handbag and a belt. I typically work to match the bag, shoes and belt in color and purpose. You can be adventurous, but it's got to look good, from top to toe a good style is a go! Lastly, don't forget the scarf and/or the shawl it’s like the ribbon that ties a bow around your outfit. By Mary Ann Cadorna - San Fran Mary Ann - BIZ.STYLE © May 1, 2018

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For me, It began as a tween dream and it didn't get fulfilled until 50 years later. One could say that is waiting a lifetime, and that is correct. My intent to write a blog and use my domain name Biz.STYLE, would be about my being a natural Stylist with the Macy's fashions that I coordinate. This would be the impetus for my initiating a conversation and unwittingly with the Regional Manager of Michael Kors for Macy's. Her reply was "how would you like to model for Michael Kors on Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek?" Keeping my passion for fashion from modeling to design has never left my heart, and I am living the dream that it's never to late, because now I am bolder and not older, and that is a fashion statement you too can make! By Mary Ann Cadorna - San Fran Mary Ann for Biz.STYLE 

Mary Ann Models Designer fashions @ Macy's Broadway plaza

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